Presented two years ago in the Ici & ailleurs section of the Locarno International Film Festival, The Journey of Jesus of Sergio Basso traces the Gospel journey undertaken by Messiah in the places of the Holy Land. A strip of land that two thousand years later, on the footsteps of the pilgrims who tread the paths, and endless raid that stained the borders, appears caught between irreconcilable contradictions. Entrusted to the clear test of an actor Valerio Binasco, the path of the Nazarene moves in a contemporary without appeal, where the roar of the war has silenced the words of peace and brotherhood, and bombs and horror have deserted arid land well once I generated a new world. Writers, musicians, mothers and students emerge from the dust as rare flowers, fatigue prizes or mirages that flash, then return swallowed up in the silence of a journey that seems to have lost the goal. Travel erratic, seemingly indefinitely but marked by an inscrutable will, it seems to have nothing left, two thousand years after Christ’s coming. Of that travel, freeing and liberating, seems to say Basso, it did not remain that to err. A wandering, that in every place, is equivalent to fail.


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