Prize "Next"! "Critics
at the Turin Film Festival 2005
Award "Cinema of Reality" for the best subject at the Bellaria Film Festival 2004
Berlinale 2006 - Talent Campus

Director: Sergio Basso
Subject: Sergio Basso, Josella Porto, Federico Fava
Editing: Filippo Montemurro, David Vizzini
Live weigh: Domenico Di Stilo
Year: 2005
Duration: 49 '
Format: Betacam SP
Ratio: 1.66: 1
Mixing: Francesco Tumminello
Sound: Dolby SR
Cast: Elisa, Free, Piro, Vanni, Mauritius, Sebastiano, Carmelo, Giuliano ...


It happens, sometimes, it’s a place to find you, even when you think that you’re not looking for anything, and find you can not help it. So it must have happened to Elisa, the day he was found by Sadurano. He was lost, simply, and wandered through the continuous curve which is the road from Castrocaro climbs the hills like a snake, almost crawling.
A Sadurano, a group of crazy people cultivate the land. In the bet to heal, in the folds of the earth, the man furrows.
Elisa remained to give them a hand.


When it happens to get lost press