by Claire Dowie

regia di Sergio Basso
con Carmen Giardina
Compagnia Teatraz

Nine months ago I had some certainties: I was an actress, I was a feminist, I was a lesbian.
Then, I had a baby.
And the certainties?
Tonight you will have the opportunity to understand where are over.
I had already said that the father of the child is gay? Then you try to explain
as it happened to my ex …
I am still committed to explain it to myself.

Small yellow for a comic monologue

Take actress Genovese, transplanted from years in Rome.
Now imagine an enviable and eclectic resume: is adept with playwrights of our time, from Pinter to Mamet, passing Mark Ravenhill; on the scene it was directed by directors like Giancarlo Sepe and Aegisthus Marcucci; we have also seen in the film, in the film “The Last New Year” by Marco Risi and “Animals crossing the road” by Isabella Sandri, in competition at the latest Venice Film Festival.
Good. The actress in question is Carmen Giardina.
Now imagine what happened when Carmen Giardina met Sergio Basso, young Milanese director of Teatraz Company (www.teatraz.org), formed at the school of the Russian Jurijj Alschitz, and fresh from the success of “The Orphan Muses” at the Teatro Coliseum in Rome .
“I wanted to work – says director – on a text by Claire Dowie, British comedian, who staged texts written by herself. In ’93 he wrote “Leaching of every orifice,” where he imagines that a lesbian actress encounter a maternity “accidental.”
I was looking for an actress who was up to wage a confrontation with this text, hilarious, ironic, comic from a tight rhythms. A performer with a tigresca determination to engage the public with an unusual energy injection. In an hour flying.
After days of auditions, I met Carmen … by train. I from Milan, she from Rome … I auditioned, he packed his suitcase, we locked ourselves in the theater for two weeks … “leaking” in free fall. “Leaching” because the text is a test of energy, as well as of interpretation: the protagonist must constantly oscillate between the flashes of Dario Fo and the wit of Lella Costa, as an elegant glider which relies on the energy of the wind.
When we went out, “Leaching from every orifice” was there, in front of our eyes. He existed. ”
The wonder of the theater is that it embodies every night different.
The wonder of comic theater is that it highlights the craziness of our daily lives – not always for us to put them to shame, these follies, but simply because we can learn to love them, to live better. And this is greatly needed, no? “.

“Carmen Giardina, an artist really mutant, anatomically spokesman for generations with ravenous culture and refined verbal grace and roller compressor … a performer full of consciousness”

Rodolfo Di Giammarco, “La Repubblica”


Press Review from Messaggero