journey into Chinese culture through his poetry

Consuelo Ciatti and Tai Ling and Ren Jingge
Sergio Basso in the role of narrator
Live traditional music (guzheng): Niu Jiali
directed by Sergio Basso

“I have a memory that accompanies me with warmth since September 1996. It was the first time that I lived in China, and I was walking through an alley in a central Beijing district, one hutong. An elderly walked calmly on the sidewalk, taking advantage of the asphalt tile to write poems, with a huge brush, big as a broom, and a bucket full of water instead of ink. At every step, he stopped, he dipped his brush in the bucket, she composed a Chinese character into the tile floor. An evening stroll thus became an occasion to ponder and write a poem “(Sergio Basso).

In Italy, the daily news are full of impatience with the Chinese community, Chinese immigrants are perceived by tailoring laboratory animals for pret-a-porter.

Meanwhile, their homeland has risen to global economic leader, displacing the United States.

Is there anything too superficial image that we have of Chinatown Italian; a way to start making them right size is discovering the source culture.

On the basis of this memory, we thought to poetry as a key to let the Italian public imagination Chinese.

What contemporary Chinese poems carry in their hearts? What words are repeated in rhyme, from generation to generation?

It is with this curiosity that is born the show “I heard you sing, as in a dream.”

The show will be built on a ‘fabric’ of poems, from Shijing (The Book of Odes, the “Classic of Poetry” 1000 a.c.), come up to modernity.


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